Beginner Cheerleading (Ages 5 and up)

Haydens is excited about the addition of our "beginner cheer class."  This class will focus on the skills and techniques needed to make a cheer team.  Basic tumbling, dance, arm motions and "how to work as a team" will be taught in this class.  No prior cheer experience is necessary.  Attire:  shorts and a t-shirt


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Haydens Non-Competitive Cheer Team! 

Have you ever wanted to get a taste of the competition cheer life without the pressure of a real competition?  Classes are now available to boys and girls ages 5-18.  Participants will learn:  stunt and jump sequences, tumbling passes and a basic cheer routine.  Learn for the most prestigious and only industry qualified gym and coaching staff in the CSRA. 

A team uniform will be required for this class.  It will include a t-shirt, shorts and cheer shoes (which all can be purchased through us or a local store.)  Be a part of something unique, join today.

(registration criteria:  either previous cheer experience or at least 4 months enrollment in one of our beginner cheer classes listed above.)

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Advanced Cheer Tumbling

This class is designed for those who are are pursuing strictly Cheerleading at the higher levels.

In this class students work specifically on twisting drills and skills for proper technique of round-off back handspring fulls and standing back handsprings to fulls.

To register for this class you must have completed Levels 1, 2 & 3 above or have equivalent skills.  The coach will evaluate each students abilities and you may be asked to move classes if your skill level does not meet our requirements.  The coach reserves the right to move a child down a level if the skill set needed has not been mastered.

*All policies are viewable when you click the "Register" button


Purple Hurricanes- Youth 1

Shockwave- Junior 2

Blackout- Senior 3

Vortex- Senior 4


Our Gym

To train effectively, you must have a great facility. We do. Our Cheer Gym is 9,000 square feet of mirrored space with spring floors, a tumble-trak long enough to accommodate difficult running tumbling skills, as well as a Rod Floor!   Coupled with the adjoining gymnastics facility, we have access to additional equipment. We are an accredited, credentialed USASF member gym.

Our Coaching Staff

Our coaches recruit and showcase the best talent in the area. They are passionate about their sport providing top quality athletic training in a professional, safe and positive environment. Our coaches have a combined total of more than 50 years of competitive cheerleading experience.
Our Athletes

Our cheerleaders are dedicated and talented athletes who push themselves beyond their comfort zone. They have the desire and a deep determination to be their personal best. They want to win. While the Haydens goal is to train our cheerleaders to become outstanding athletes, we find that they grow into so much more. Self-confidence, high standards, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and a strong work ethic are all hallmarks of our Twister athletes.
If you are looking for a cheer program where you can learn from the best, reach goals you never thought possible, and work with others who share your dreams of success, then come to Haydens. You will be valued member of a winning program that encourages excellence,  a positive attitude, good sportsmanship, motivation, determination, pride, and a belief in yourself and your teammates.