Boys Competitive

USAG Region 8

Our Competitive Teams are for the Athlete who has decided he wishes to be more serious about the sport of gymnastics and is therefore willing to commit more hours to training in the gym (a minimum of 12 hours per week) and to attend competitive meets throughout the season.  These meets might require extensive travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics.

Athletes on our competitive teams are expected to attend all scheduled practices and competitions.  Any time a practice will be missed, the coach must be informed ahead of time.   All meets are mandatory for the competitive athlete unless the athlete is medically unable or the absence has been excused by the head coach.   We average 5-6 meets plus State Championships, Regionals and beyond for the higher levels.

It is a requirement that all families considering to participate on a team read and understand the "Team Handbook" and print out and sign the "Acknowledgement Form" every year on their individual anniversary date.





Haydens has an “all inclusive” monthly fee payment.  Your monthly payment will include all standard costs associated with your child’s training and competition needs.  Haydens reserves the right to decide how often new competitive attire is purchased.  Increases to your “all inclusive” monthly payment will be evaluated from year to year to accommodate rising costs.

Team gymnastics requires a “family” commitment and please understand that your commitment is renewable from year to year.  If you are considering joining one of Haydens teams please contact us at  to arrange a meeting.

We train these young athletes under the assumption that they will compete in gymnastics in the future. We require the extra days of practice to work skills, strength, speed, and flexibility in order to make them into the best possible gymnasts they can be.

This program is only for the truly committed.


Boy's Competitive Team      

Each level has a preset routine called compulsory and all athletes at the same level will perform the same routine at the competitions.


LEVEL 4, 5, & 6

These are the entry (or compulsory) levels into boy’s gymnastics competition. At the compulsory level, each gymnast performs similar basic routines. The routines in these levels are designed to be progressive from one to the next and provide a solid foundation for the optional levels. Our compulsory gymnasts typically train from 4 to 12 hours a week.

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LEVEL 7, 8, 9, & 10

These are considered the optional levels of boy’s competitive gymnastics. At the optional level gymnasts perform routines that are tailored specifically for them.  

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