Haydens tumbling classes are designed for cheerleading. Students learn the proper technique and progression of tumbling skills needed for high school, junior high school, elementary school, recreational or all-star cheerleading teams.

Haydens offers tumbling classes for every skill level and age.  Students are placed in classes by skill level.  Please note, students in our Beginner Tumbling classes work on the skills and techniques for back handsprings.  

1 Recreation class (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour) - $70 per month
2 Recreation classes (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour)- $125 per month
3 Recreation classes (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour)- $175 per month

Youth Tumbling (Ages 7-10)

Our beginner youth tumbling class is designed for girls and boys ages 7-10 who are interested in learning how to tumble.  This class concentrates on strength, flexibility and floor tumbling only. 
Our advanced youth tumbling class are for girls and boys, ages 7-10, who are working on the round-off backhandspring.  Must be able to do:  Forward and Backward Roll; Front and Back Walkover; Handstand, Cartwheel, and Round-off.

Level 1 (Ages 11 and up)

No prior tumbling experience is required.  Tumblers will learn the proper technique and execution of cartwheels, round-offs and the beginning techniques of standing back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.



Level 2


Minimum skills required:  cartwheel, round-off, unassisted standing back handspring.  Tumblers will learn and strengthen proper technique of standing and running back handspring series.  Tumblers will begin to learn the proper technique of round-off back handspring back tucks.


Level 3

Minimum skills required:  standing and running round-off back handspring series (three or more).  Tumblers will work in progression to learn proper technique and execution of:

Standing skills: back handspring back tucks, back tucks, back handsprings to layouts
Running skills: round-off back handspring(s) to tucks, layouts


Levels 4 and 5

Minimum skills required:  standing back tuck and round-off back handspring(s) layout.  In this class, students work specifically on twisting drills and skills for proper technique of round-off back handspring fulls and standing back handsprings to fulls.