Girls Recreational & Xcel Teams

Our Recreational Program serves the athlete that is just entering the competitive scene and therefore needs exposure to what competing in gymnastics really is before making a more serious commitment. For those athletes who want to be involved in gymnastics competitions but at a more recreational level with less competitions per season (typically 5), in a more laid back environment with fewer training hours (currently 6 hours per week), we are now offering XCEL.

Annual Registration Fee- $55

1 Recreation class (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour) -   $70 per month
2 Recreation classes (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour)- $125 per month
3 Recreation classes (Gymnastics, Tumbling, T&T, or Parkour)- $175 per month 

Girls Gymnastics Attire: Leotard, Barefoot (no socks or tights), Hair up

Beginner girls  girls

(Ages 5-6, and 7 and up)

This is an introductory class for girls who have little or no previous gymnastics experience.  This class concentrates on strength, flexibility, familiarization with terms and the four Olympic events (floor, bars, vault, and beam), trampoline and floor/beam dance.  Also, the learning of the USAG guideline routines for Level 1.


Intermediate girls (Class A or B)

These Classes concentrates on strength, flexibility, the refining of skills and the learning of level 2 USAG routines and/or Xcel requirements.   Certain skills must be mastered before moving to the Advanced class.

INTERMEDIATE A - 12 months of continuous gymnastics training may register for this class. (The coach reserves the right to move a child up a level or down a level if the skill set needed has not been mastered.)

INTERMEDIATE B - Child must be able to perform a pullover on the uneven bars and a bridge kick over.


Advanced girls

This class concentrates on those skills required to make the team and the mastering of level 2 USAG routines or Xcel Bronze or Silver Team.   It is our policy that your child must have a coaches recommendation and be tested to attend and advance from this class.

The skills learned in the Intermediate B class must be mastered prior to moving to this class. 


Xcel (Previously Prep-opt)   Team Handbook         2014-2015 Competition Schedule

The description below was taken from USAG Web Site.

The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes. The program gives an opportunity for:

  1. Class students to participate in organized gymnastics events.
  2. Those athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program and have qualified to Level 7 or above but need a more basic introduction to optional competition.
  3. Those athletes who have competed in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program at the Compulsory level and would like to experience a basic optional program during their "off" season while they train skills to move up in the JO Program, if they wish.
  4. Those athletes who have either "retired" from the Jr. Olympic Program or do not wish to train or compete at Level 7 or 8.
  5. Athletes not previously involved with USA Gymnastics to enter the program.

Athletes will compete within the following levels:

Bronze This is the most basic Xcel level. It is approximately equivalent to USAG level 1,2 or 3. Generally, kids will need a back hip circle on bars and either a handstand, cartwheel, or back walkover on beam. While a back handspring on floor is not explicitly required for routines, it is a very important developmental skill and for this reason we will generally put this skill into a gymnasts routine as soon as she is ready to compete it. The vault is a handstand flatback on a large mat (or stack of mats).

Fall/Spring 2014-2015: Fall/Spring 2014-2015 Schedule 
Summer Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 9:00am-11:00pm


Silver:  Approximately level  2 to 5.  Gymnasts must have at least two tumbling passes on floor. A kip is not required on bars, though it is developmentally a very important skill, and therefore the plan is to have girls compete this skill as soon as they are ready. The vault for this level is a handspring flatback over the vault table (landing on mats stacked to around table height).

Fall/Spring 2014-2015: Fall/Spring 2014-2015 Schedule 
Summer Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-1:00pm


Gold:  Approximately level 5. Challenges include a kip and squat-on on bars, a salto on floor, and a front handspring on vault. Beam has a bit more room for variation, but generally speaking, girls will use two of the following three skills: a 2-second handstand, a cartwheel, and a back walkover.

Platinum: Approximately level 6, with room allowed for more challenging routines. There is some level of multiple-choice in routine construction at this level, so which skills will be most challenging depends on the gymnast and on the way the routines are constructed.

For girls to move past level 5 & 6  (or past silver in Region 8′s Xcel system), they must compete at least one level 5 meet and achieve certain all-around score to qualify to move up. In order to move to level 7, gymnasts must also qualify out of level 6.