Girls Recreational

Our Recreational Program serves the athlete that is just entering into the sport of gymnastics with the hopes of possibly participating in competitive gymnastics in the future.  It also accommodates the child that only wishes to do gymnastics as a way to obtain more coordination as well as flexibility.

Annual Registration Fee- $55

1 Recreation class (Gymnastics, T&T, or Beginner Cheer, ) - $73.50 per month
2 Recreation classes (
Gymnastics, T&T, or Beginner Cheer) - $125.00 per month
3 Recreation classes (
Gymnastics, T&T, or Beginner Cheer)-  $175.00 per month 

Girls Gymnastics Attire: Leotard, Barefoot (no socks or tights), Hair up


Beginner girls  

(Ages 5-6, and 7 & up)

This is an introductory class for girls who have little or no previous gymnastics experience.  This class concentrates on strength, flexibility, familiarization with terms and the four Olympic events (floor, bars, vault, and beam), trampoline and floor/beam dance.  Also, the learning of the USAG guideline routines for Level 1.

Children under 7 will remain in the beginner 5/6 class until they reach the age of 7.  Even if you feel your child has excelled in the 5/6 class they are not eligible to move up into any other rec. class until the age of 7.  During the month of April one of our upper level team coaches will hold evaluations at which time your child under 7 may be considered for our "Hot Shots" program


*All policies are viewable when you click the "Register" button

* Junior Gym is located directly behind Haydens' main gym (4107 Colben Blvd Evans, GA 30809)


Intermediate girls (Class A or B)

These Classes concentrates on strength, flexibility, the refining of skills and the learning of level 2 USAG routines and/or Xcel requirements.   Certain skills must be mastered before moving to the Advanced class.

INTERMEDIATE A - 12 months of continuous gymnastics training may register for this class. (The coach reserves the right to move a child up a level or down a level if the skill set needed has not been mastered.) A child cannot be moved into an Intermediate B class until all beginner skills are mastered and at least one of the these two skills:  bridge kickover and bar pullover.

INTERMEDIATE B - Child must be able to perform either a pullover on the uneven bars or a bridge kick over along with all basic beginner skills before being moved to this class.  In intermediate B strength and flexibility will be stressed and mastering basic gymnastics skills along with learning additional skills.  Leaps, turns, etc.

*All policies are viewable when you click the "Register" button


Advanced girls

This class concentrates on those skills required to make the team and the mastering of level 2 USAG routines or Xcel Bronze or Silver Team skills.    It is our policy that your child must have a coaches recommendation and be tested to advance to this class.

The skills learned in the Intermediate B class must be mastered prior to moving to this class.