Girls Compulsory

Level 2-5 are considered “compulsory” levels. All gymnasts in the USAG program will compete their routines with the same requirements and music as authorized by the USAG and Region 8.

Level 2 (6 hours per week)

Level 2 is the first level of competitive gymnastics. The girls will attend meets designed to introduce competitive gymnastics. These meets teach the athletes how to perform under pressure, control their nerves, and the need for proper preparation in practice.

Level 3  (9 hours per week)

The athletes will receive individual and team scores that will be posted and awarded according to their performance. Along with the increase of time spent in the gym, the girls will begin to work on higher-level skills.

Level 4 & 5  (12-15 hours per week)

Level 5 and 6 girls continue to compete at USA Gymnastics sanctioned meets within Region. They will be officially scored and receive placements and team awards based on their performance. In addition to the compulsory routines, they will continue development in practice by preparing for Level 7 skills.