Girls Competitive Teams

USAG Region 8

Our Competitive Teams are for the Athlete who has decided she wishes to be more serious about the sport of gymnastics and is therefore willing to commit more hours to training in the gym and to attend competitive meets throughout the season.  These meets might require extensive travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics.

 Athletes on our competitive teams are expected to attend all scheduled practices and competitions.  Any time a practice will be missed, the coach must be informed ahead of time.   All meets are mandatory for the competitive athlete unless the athlete is medically unable or the absencehas been excused by the head coach.   We average 5-6 meets plus State Championships, Regionals and beyond for the higher levels. 

It is a requirement that all families considering to participate on a team read and understand the "Team Handbook" and print out and sign the "Acknowledgement Form."

Team Handbook           Acknowledgement Form          2016-2017 Competition Schedule


Haydens has an “all inclusive” monthly fee payment.  Your monthly payment will include all standard costs associated with your child’s training and competition needs.  Haydens reserves the right to decide how often new competitive attire is purchased.  Increases to your “all inclusive” monthly payment will be evaluated from year to year to accommodate rising costs. (see Team Handbook above for details)

Team gymnastics requires a “family” commitment and please understand that your commitment is renewable from year to year.  If you are considering joining one of Haydens teams please contact us at to arrange a meeting.


Haydens Hot Shots (4 hours per week)

The Hot Shots are an invitation-only program for 4 - 6 year olds who show an advanced skill level and passion for gymnastics.  We concentrate on technique and conditioning. Repetition and flexibility are important to long term gymnastics. The focus of this program is training our youngest competitive gymnasts in entry-level gymnastic skills, physical conditioning and performance skills. These very important levels introduce the parent and the athlete to competition, and our goal is to help them enjoy every step of the process.

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Girls Compulsory      2016-2017 Competition Schedule                     

Level 2-5 are considered “compulsory” levels, meaning that all gymnasts in the USAG program will perform the same routine to the same music as every other gymnast in competition as authorized by USAG and Region 8. 

Level 2 (6 hours per week)

Level 1 and 2 is the first level of competitive gymnastics. The girls will attend meets designed to introduce competitive gymnastics. These meets teach the athletes how to perform under pressure, control their nerves, and the need for proper preparation in practice.

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Level 3 (9 hours per week)

The athletes will receive individual and team scores that will be posted and awarded according to their performance. Along with the increase of time spent in the gym, the girls will begin to work on higher-level skills.

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Level 4  (12 hours per week)

Level 4 girls continue to compete at USA Gymnastics sanctioned meets within Region. They will be officially scored and receive placements and team awards based on their performance.

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Level 5 (15 hours per week)

Level 5 girls continue to compete at USA Gymnastics sanctioned meets within Region. They will be officially scored and receive placements and team awards based on their performance.

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Girls Optionals     2016-2017 Competition Schedule 

Levels 6-10 are considered “optional” levels. Optional levels are slightly similar to compulsory levels in that every gymnast in the USAG program will still compete according to the same rules and requirements set-up by USAG. However, in the “optional” levels, the routines are individualized according to the athlete’s strengths. Optional gymnasts will have their own routines, distinctively choreographed, using their own music and personal style.

Level 6-10 (20 hours per week)

Level 7 is the first level where they are considered an “optional” gymnast. The athletes will complete at the State Meet at the end of the season. Level 7 is the level where the athletes’ hard work really starts to pay off. They really come into themselves as an athlete, gymnast, and a person!

Athletes in Level 8 will continue in the same structure as Level 7, with the exception of increased expectations, conditioning, and skills.

Level 9 and 10 are the highest levels of the Junior Olympic USA Gymnastics program. These athletes have the opportunity to qualify for State and then Regional Competitions. If the athlete is in the top percentage (to be determined) of Region 8, they will qualify to compete at Nationals as part of the Region 8 team.

Qualifying to Nationals is a high honor in the sport of gymnastics and offers exposure to college scouts. It is at these levels that the girls start thinking towards their future careers and college scholarships. To be a Level 9 and 10 gymnast is an honor in itself, as these athletes must train exceptionally hard to achieve this level.

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