Boys Gymnastics


Are you looking for a challenging, fun and safe sport for your son to turn himself upside down, rather than your house?

Boy's Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your son focus and self-discipline - skills that can assist with their learning and concentration.

Boy's Gymnastics:

  • Builds strength and prepares the body for the challenges in life
  • Enhances co-ordination and agility, allowing the body to move like lightning
  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely
  • Challenges the mind and body to reach new goals
  • Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life
  • Give your son the right start in life. Let him experience Men's Gymnastics and watch him develop into a strong, confident and happy young man.

 Boy's Gymnastics is composed of six apparatus:


Pommel Horse



Parallel Bars

Horizontal Bar

Please see our RECREATIONAL  and  COMPETITIVE drop down pages for further details.  If you are interested is something a little different, check out Gymnastics "Raw" program.