4-Year-Olds "frogs"

Must be age 4 by September 1.

Objectives for 4-year-olds (The following items will be reviewed, then we will expand their knowledge.):

Oral Language Development

1. Speaks in complete sentences
2. Can say his full name, address, phone number and birthday
3. Repeats songs, stories, rhymes and finger plays

Emotional/Social Development

1. Plays and works well with others
2. Displays self-control
3. Shares and takes turns
4. Is cooperative
5. Adjusts to change
6. Respects property of others
7. Displays manners
8. Able to sit quietly and listen

Reading Readiness Development

1. Shows an interest in the printed word
2. Recognizes first and last name in print
3. Identifies upper case letters
4. Identifies many lower case letters
5. Sequences story events
6. Can apply some alphabet sounds
7. Recognizes words that rhyme
8. Predicts what will happen next in a story
9. Recognizes a few two and three letter words (ex. at, cat)

Mathematic Readiness Development

1. Recognizes five basic shapes
2. Counts at least 1 to 20
3. Recognizes numbers 1-10 (at the very least)
4. Orders cardinal numbers in sequence
5. Understands ordinal position 1st – 5th
6. Understands one to one correspondence
7. Classifies objects by color, size, shape, and other
8. Makes and follows patterns
9. Makes and reads a graph
10. Orders and compares sizes
11. Recognizes a calendar and has a basic understanding of the seasons, years, months, weeks and days

Creative Development

1. Represents thoughts in pictures
2. Draws human figure with major body parts
3. Responds to rhythm when listening to music

Physical Development – Fine and Gross Motor Skills

1. Writes first and last name
2. Uses scissors to cut properly
3. Dresses self
4. Draws simple shapes and objects
5. Moves body upon teacher’s direction
6. Bounces, throws, catches a ball