3-Year-Olds "Dragonflies"

Must be age 3 by September 1. MUST BE POTTY TRAINED.

Objectives for 3-year-olds (The following itemswill be reviewed, then we will expand their knowledge.):

Oral Language Development

1. Speaks in sentences
2. Speaks clearly and can be understood
3. Uses I, you, he, and she correctly
4. Uses adequate vocabulary to communicate ideas
5. Memorizes and repeats rhymes, songs, and finger plays
6. Tells own full name, age, and sex
7. Points to and names body parts

Emotional/Social Development

1. Displays self-control
2. Communicates with adults and children
3. Plays and works well with others
4. Shares and takes turns
5. Is cooperative
6. Adjusts to change
7. Respects class rules
8. Begins participation in a group

Reading Readiness Development

1. Shows interest in books
2. Recognizes first name in print
3. Identifies eight basic colors
4. Recognizes which does not belong in a group of three items
5. Understands prepositions (in, out, over, under, on, off, top, bottom, in front of, in back of)
6. Listens to short stories and poems

Mathematics Readiness

1. Rote counts to 20
2. Recognizes numerals 1-10
3. Recognizes four basic shapes
4. Categories according to shape, color, and size
5. Distinguishes size relationships (big, little, tall/short, small, medium, large)
6. Matches objects and shapes

Creativity Development

1. Draws a face with facial parts and stick arms and legs
2. Responds to music
3. Dramatizes a simple story

Physical Development – Gross Motor Skills

1. Moves body in response with simple teacher commands
2. Jumps three jumps with both feet
3. Climbs up and down
4. Bounces, catches, and throws a ball
5. Hops on one foot two or more times

Physical Development – Fine Motor Skills

1. Puts together a six to seven piece puzzle
2. Laces following a sequence of holes
3. Uses scissors but does not necessarily follow lines
4. Hold crayon, pencil, and mark with fingers rather than fist
5. Puts on coat unaided

Work Skills

1. Has adequate attention span (can sit for circle time)
2. Follows two part directions
3. Involves self in teacher planned activities
4. Completes projects
5. Helps clean up