2019-2020 Gym & Learn Registration

Pricing per Month is based on number of days per week.

Annual Registration Fee: $55

2 days/wk = $173/ month (minimum of 2 days only allowed for 2-year old room)
3 days/wk = $205/ month
4 days/wk = $236/ month*
5 days/wk = $252/ month

*For the 4 year old class, your child must attend four days, Monday-Thursday.  We use a progressive curriculum that prepares your child for Kindergarten and have found that attending the most days, better prepares your child for Kindergarten.  Fridays are optional as they will be a fun day.

**For the 2 year old class, you may register for a minimum of 2 days.  For the 3 year old class, you must register for a minimum of 3 days to attend the Gym & Learn program.

2 Year Olds

3 Year Olds

4 Years Olds