2-Year-Olds "turtles" 

Must be age 2 by September 1

Objectives for 2-year-olds (The following items will be reviewed, then we will expand their knowledge):

Language Development

1. Refers to self by name
2. Repeats parts of songs, rhymes, and finger plays
3. Points to common objects on command
4. Names common objects in pictures
5. Gives first and last name when asked
6. Listens to simple stories and songs
7. Places objects in, on, beside, under
8. Follows simple directions
9. Identifies own gender
10. Identifies boy or girl
11. Verbalizes wants
12. Begins to identify colors

Emotional/Social Development

1. Helps put things away
2. Imitates play of others
3. Begins to understand cleanliness
4. Finds own play area or activity
5. Understands the idea of waiting for someone to go first
6. Values own property and names personal belongings.
7. Begins to notice the difference between safe and unsafe environments

Creative Development

1. Shows simple symbolic play (pretends block is a cup)
2. Draws a face – no arms or legs
3. Shows curiosity and interest in surroundings
4. Claps to music