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About Haydens Gym

Choosing an activity for your child isn't always easy, but here at Haydens we have come up with an informative, easy to understand guide that will enable you to make the best possible choice for your child/children and family!


Pre-School Gymnastics
18 months to 4 yrs old

Recreational Gymnastics
Girls 5 & up begin learning skills on bar, beam, floor & vault. Boys ages 5 & up...

Team Gymnastics Boys & Girls

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond

Tumbling and Trampoline
Girls & Boys Ages 5 & up
Recreational & Team

Team Cheerleading
Recreational Cheerleading

Recreational & Team

Gym & Learn
Prepare your child for Kindegarten

After School Program
Pickup at select locations
Home School and PE

Special Events

Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy Services

 Under 5 After School Girls Competitive Gymnastics Twisters Pre Teams Girls Gymnastics Beginner 5-6 Girls Gymnastics Beginner 7 and Up Tumbling Level 1-5 Tumbling 7-10 Beginner Cheerleading Cheer Tumbling Cheerleading Boys Gymnastics Beginner Boys Competitive Gymnastics New Check it Out! Special Events Parkour